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The Weeovos® playsystem is designed especially to promote 2- to 5-year-old growth and development in six key areas:  physical, balance, cognitive, sensory/motor, emotional/social and language.  Toddlers and preschoolers can hop up and across the Swiggly Stix® Bridge, climb and use their imaginations as they play on the Wee Planet™ Climber, and hide and crawl through the Wee Crawl® Tunnel.  Sensory panels like the Marble Panel® and Bongo and Xylofun Panel® encourage self-expression and let creativity run wild.  Best of all, Weevos safely lets our littlest explorers bee-bop and giggle with just the right amount of wiggle, and clear sight lines let supervisors keep their eyes on all the action!

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Giggle Jiggler® Climber

Boppity Bridge®

Xylofun Pael