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Sensory Play

Children of all ages, physical and developmental abilities are attracted to sensory activities.  A sensory-rich inclusive play environment can bring all of these children together while providing each one with the sensory experiences they seek.

Most children enjoy sliding, spinning, swinging and climbing, activities that sharpen our internal senses.  Kids of all ages are captivated by displays of color, moving objects and visually stimulating surfaces.  Kids also like to discover sound and enjoy their own musical creations.

In addition to these sensory experiences, the sense of touch is a whole-body experience.  We recommend making a wide range of materials and textures available for touch—touch and smooth, hard and soft.  Natural elements such as sand and water or flowers and plants provide ever-changing multi-sensory experiences.




Sensory Play Center

Xylofun Panel

Cozy Dome®

Sway Fun® Glider (16")

Roller Slide