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The HealthBeat® outdoor fitness system has been entirely redesigned to feature sleek, slender lines that match those of other Landscape Structures elements.  With a contemporary appearance that more closely matches that of professional fitness equipment, our outdoor fitness zones will harmonize with the natural beauty of your park environment.  You can combine any two stations together (except Assisted Row/Push-Up) on a single post.  This can conserve space, save money and improve social interaction while exercising.  Patent-pending technology delivers a better workout, all at user’s fingertips.  And signage now includes links to the instructional videos that can be viewed on a smart devise while at each fitness station.

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HealthBeat® Pull-Up/Dip and Hand Cycler

HealthBeat® Chest/Back Press

HealthBeat® Assisted Row/Push-Up

HealthBeat® Squat Press

HealthBeat® Tai-Chi Wheels and Mobility